I am Rubén Salvador, a PhD student at Centre of Industrial Electronics at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

After some (many?) years involved in University some way -as a student- or another -as a hired pre-doctoral researcher- I decided trying the PhD path would be worth the effort. Not only because the effort itself, the knowledge spread and waiting to be collected along the way, but also as the best path for my professional career. A career devoted to something more than just making money, or, with other words, helping others making money out of me, my work, my time, my life, for just a tip…no thanks!. Learning, sharing, helping others to learn, learning together, working for a collective good…that’s it!

After a completed degree on Electronic Engineering and a MSc in Industrial Electronics here I am, sharing my research ideas, my PhD work evolution and some related and general thoughts on Research, University, Teaching and Sharing.

So, welcome to yet another research blog…of yet another PhD student. You may find here some ideas and related thoughts on my research topic, as well as some random bits of insane madness caused by the huge amount of hours of loyal devotion to Science…wow! 🙂

If you feel like having a look to my blog, just go ahead. Don’t expect an over-populated blog with hundreds of posts, just some comments from time to time that I may consider worth to share and comment. Expect to find some news on the subject, worth-to-mention related works, PhD thesis dissertations, …

Feel free to comment, suggest and share!!